5 Common Misconceptions about Skylights

Modern open-plan living room and kitchen featuring white furniture, natural wood coffee table, bar-style stools, and large windows with a view. Ceiling fan and recessed lighting provide illumination.

When considering adding a skylight to your renovation project, there are a couple of misconceptions that you should be aware of—particularly when working with VELUX skylights. In this blog post, we debunk the top three misconceptions about skylights.

1: Skylights Are Likely to Leak.

This is a misconception; skylights tend to be very moisture resistant and less likely to leak than you might think. Skylights are often installed in bathrooms because they don’t have any flashing or silicone sealant like windows do. This ensures that water doesn’t get trapped between the skylight glazing and roof tiles below causing leaks. In fact if you install it correctly skylights can actually help with issues around condensation on windows too!

The other major benefit of skylights for homes is their insulation qualities—they’re great at keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer which means you won’t need as much heating or cooling throughout the year. They also make your interior feel more open meaning there will be less need to use the air conditioning on those hot summer days.

There are skylights that can be installed into your roof which will have flashing and sealant in order to make them leakproof, these skylights come at a higher cost but they’re worth it for some people who live in areas where there is an abundance of rain or snow.

2: Skylights are difficult to install.

This is a misconception, skylights can be installed by an amateur and only take about one hour to install. The skylight will have been broken down into pieces or panels so it’s easy to transport up the ladder—you don’t even need any tools!

You’ll first want to measure out where you would like your skylight before drilling holes through the ceiling tiles below. Once you’ve inserted the flashing kit that was included with your skylight purchase, push in on each panel until they click into place. That’s it—the work has officially been done for you!

If installing skylights sounds too hard then the Skylight Shop has professional installation services which can be completed in just a few hours.

3: Skylights Let in Too Much Sun.

This is a misconception, skylights actually make the room feel more open and have an even distribution of natural light which can be very calming. The skylight will also come with built-in levers that you can adjust to direct sunlight away from your eyes. Skylights are also designed not to let any heat through so they’re great for conserving energy too. Skylights are designed to provide even distribution of natural light throughout the room while also letting some heat through so you won’t need to turn on your heater or air conditioner as often either.

You can also add a blackout blind to your skylight to make it easier for you and your family to sleep. The biggest benefit of skylights is how they let natural light into your space. Natural daylight will help you get your daily dose of vitamin D and it can also help curb seasonal depression.

4: Skylights Are Only Useful For Daytime.

This is a misconception, skylights are great for getting natural sunlight in the morning and evenings as well. If you live in an area where it gets dark by dinner time then skylights will be perfect to help liven up your space on those winter nights. The lights often capture that feeling of being outside even when it’s cold or raining outside. That means there’s less need to turn on artificial lighting which can be bad for both your eyesight and your electricity bill if not used responsibly.

It also opens up the space adding a sense of more space and being outdoors. Looking up at the stars from your lounge room or bedroom is a great way to end your day.

Skylights are perfect for people who like the natural feel of open space in their home and skylights will bring you closer to nature without having any of the disadvantages that come with other types of windows. Skylights allow more light into rooms so they’re also a good choice if you need help keeping costs down on your electricity bill or just want to make spaces feel brighter.

5: Skylights Can Overheat Your Home.

If skylights are installed in the right place skylights can be a great way to combat overheating in the home, skylight windows are designed not to let any heat through and that means they’re perfect for conserving energy.

There’s also an option of installing skylights over your living room or bedroom which will help keep those rooms cooler on hot summer days because skylights don’t generate any more heat than natural light does. You’ll have full control over how bright you want the light so it won’t feel too cold if you open up the blinds during winter either. If installed properly skylights can offer some benefits when it comes to heating, both at night and on very sunny days!

The Skylight Shop Professional Installation Service

The myths about skylight installations have often put people off installing them because they don’t know how easy it is or what benefits there are to installing them. These misconceptions shouldn’t put you off though; skylights can be placed anywhere and offer a range of benefits. Just check out our gallery for the amazing projects we have completed. 

It’s important to remember when considering adding skylights; it’s best if you consult someone who knows what they’re doing! There might be some issues such as ventilation or structural integrity that need addressing before installation—so get professional advice before making this decision on your own. That way you’ll know there won’t be any surprises later down the line.

Contact the Skylight Shop Melbourne  or request a quote to start your project and brighten your day…naturally!