Solatube & Better Homes and Gardens Promotion

“maximum amount of light possible , while guaranteeing that there would be no heat transfer from outside”

Competition Winner for 2018

Hellen from Sunshine in Melbourne’s western suburbs was the lucky winner of a Solatube Skylight installation as part of the Solatube / Better Homes and Gardens Promotion. The Skylight Shop carried out the consultation and installation of the job.

The prize included the supply and fitting of a Solatube DS skylight to any part of her house that required more natural light. Hellen’s house had a very dark kitchen due to the construction of a large carport adjoining this area. This substantially reduced the amount of natural light coming through the window above her sink.

We recommended that we fit the Brighten Up 290DS product to give her the maximum amount of light possible , while guaranteeing that there would be no heat transfer from outside – an important factor when choosing a skylight for a kitchen , which is one of the most used areas in a home.

Hellen chose the Round Just Frost Diffuser to match in with the rest of the ceiling fittings in the room. The natural light output from the new Solatube skylight was impressive and dramatically changed the feel and look of the room, while also cutting out the need to use the downlights during the day.

Solatube invented the tubular skylight system over 30 years ago and continue to offer cutting edge technology in all of their products. They are the market leaders with clear daylight between them and their competitors.
Advertisement for Solatube skylights showcasing their benefits: removing heat, improving moods, bringing natural light, eliminating the need for blinds, requiring low maintenance, and featuring flashings for all roof types.


Two individuals are conversing in a dimly lit kitchen with a window, ceiling fan, and refrigerator in the background. The sparsely furnished kitchen is bathed in soft light filtering through the window, making it feel cozy and intimate.


A modern kitchen with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, a double sink, a refrigerator, and a window above the sink letting in natural light. The walls are light-colored and complemented by a Solatube skylight. A ceiling fan adds the final touch to this bright space.