Sustainable lighting

A bright room with skylights and a large chandelier featuring environmentally sustainable lighting. Rows of cubbies and hooks line both sides, with shelves holding bags and hats. A narrow hallway is visible in the background.

When it comes to energy consumption in Australia, we can all agree that using less energy is better for our well-being. Not only does saving energy reduce air and water pollution but it also conserves natural resources which creates a happier and healthier living environment for people.

So, what does this mean for the lights in our home may you ask? When it comes to Australia’s growing demands for light sources it is essential that we find ongoing solutions that will reduce energy consumption not only for ourselves but for future generations. When making the switch to sustainable lighting, you are helping to reduce the impact of climate change and taking a step forward in the right direction to live a more sustainable lifestyle. In this blog, we will go through ways to switch to sustainable lighting and discuss the benefits that come from making the switch.

Efficient Lighting

With the growing population looking for more ways to live sustainably, it is essential to look at the one thing we use the most. Lighting. While many Australians have started moving to LED lighting there is still something much more sustainable than this, skylights! Skylights are not only designed to let light in but also attract natural light to your home while some even allow fresh air in as well for that added bonus. Adding a skylight to your home will mean you are using only sunlight to brighten your home. This will decrease your electricity bill and increase your home’s sustainability.

Better For Your Health

Now we know that skylights are better for the environment but did you know that they are also better for your health too? Natural light is known to boost your overall health and productivity. By having a skylight in your home, you are able to receive the necessary about of sunlight per day without leaving your home plus you can also get skylights that have a glazing layer to help protect you from radiation. Velux skylights have a range of different options that can help you customise your skylight so you are getting the perfect one for your health and your home.

Sustainable Lighting

With these points in mind, it is easy to see that skylights are the number one choice for sustainable lighting. From residential to commercial establishments, skylights are the perfect cost-effective way to get natural sunlight in your home or office sustainably without hurting the environment. If you would like to check out our socials to see what we do click here or alternatively click here to contact us to book an appointment.