Tiny Homes

A lakeside house with a metal roof features two VELUX skylights. The text reads, "LIVING BIG IN SMALL SPACES Tiny Homes with VELUX skylights…" with a scenic landscape in the background.

The Benefits of VELUX Skylights in Tiny Houses

In response to rising cost of living pressures and a heightened focus on sustainability, the tiny house movement in Australia is flourishing. VELUX skylights have become a popular solution for enhancing livability in these compact living spaces. According to the Australian Tiny House Association, tiny homes are defined as movable dwellings up to 50m². Maximising the perception of space is crucial, and VELUX skylights accomplish this by integrating the sky into the living area, providing expansive views and allowing three times more natural light compared to traditional vertical windows.

VELUX skylights not only increase the sense of space but also maintain privacy and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Their design supports a variety of weather conditions, automatically closing when it rains and offering enhanced insulation properties to keep out heat and cold. Safety tests ensure these skylights can withstand extreme Australian weather, including bushfires and hailstorms.

Furthermore, VELUX skylights are cost-effective and offer a low-maintenance solution with their remote-controlled solar-powered models, enabling easy adjustment of natural light and ventilation. For tiny house residents, these features translate into a more comfortable, spacious, and environmentally friendly living environment.