What are Solatubes?

Modern bathroom with a large walk-in shower featuring dual black showerheads, a sleek black vanity with a countertop sink, and a potted plant. Walls are tiled, and lighting is recessed, enhanced by solatubes to brighten the space naturally.

We didn’t invent the sun…we just improved it! Solatubes Skylights Daylighting Systems are engineered to efficiently capture the sun’s rays and deliver them into your home. From sunup to sundown you’ll get brighter, more colourful rooms that cost nothing to light. Because installation can usually be done in about two hours with no structural changes, it’s the fastest and simplest solution to a brighter, more beautiful home.

  • Installed in 2 hours
  • Highest performance guaranteed
  • Invented in Australia

Feel better, think better, and live better with Solatubes

Bring the enjoyment of summer indoors, without excessive heat. Solar tubes, also known as “sun tunnels”, “light tubes”, and “daylight pipes”, channel outside daylight into your home.

While they don’t allow for a nice view of the outside world, they do provide a natural, cost-effective way to naturally illuminate dark interior spaces without using electricity.

Solatube skylight is the only Australian product that blocks harmful UV that causes fading, yet transmits the light that encourages plant growth. Only 99.7% reflective tubing will deliver the brightest, purest natural daylight into your home so you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • A well-lit home and a safer environment for the whole family
  • See true colours of clothing, makeup, pictures or anything you want to look its best
  • Long term investment, not only will electric lighting be reduced but a well-lit home will increase its sale value with the stunning skylights.

Superior Energy Efficiency and Energy compliance

Solatube Daylight Systems outperform others, with our Raybender 3000 technology, light tracking reflector and 99.7% reflective tube material. We can provide up to double the light output at low angle sunlight (just when you need it the most, during winter).

Excessive layers of glazing that reduce heat, will also reduce winter light output. Instead, Solatube Australia & Brighten Up series uses exclusive, patented Cool Tube technology which draws heat away from the product before it enters your home, but retains maximum brightness. Our Brighten Up series is the only Australian owned product to be awarded the prestigious Energy star. Solatube Daylighting Systems are engineered to efficiently capture the sun’s rays and deliver them into your home.

Need more light and ventilation in your home?

The Skylight Shop is a family-owned business that offers quality, affordable skylights for residential and commercial use. These cost-effective options are great investments for any home or business owners looking to upgrade their atmosphere with natural light!

One of the main drivers that initiated this company was our passion for providing Healthy, Energy Efficient Solutions for all Australian’s. Here at The Skylight Shop, we believe that we can help you and help the environment.

Our company believes in sustainable living. As a result, we are determined to make a difference in every home or business we visit. Why not invest in a skylight and enjoy natural sunlight every day from the inside of your home or business? Skylights are an innovative and cost-effective way to enhance lighting. But they don’t just do that! They also help with ventilation so that you can enjoy the benefits of fresh, cool air without the need for expensive cooling. We believe that by providing you with environmentally friendly products and good advice, you can build a more sustainable living environment.

In saying all this, our philosophy is that together, we can change the world through your world.

Why the Skylight Shop?

Building a sustainable home benefits YOU. Our company believes that the environment you live in affects your long -term well being. Therefore, we must maintain a healthy living environment. Skylights are a great way to brighten up your home naturally.

Contact the Skylight Shop team today to get natural daylight flooding into those dark rooms and transform your home!