4 Advantages of Adding Skylights To Your Home

Modern kitchen with velux skylights, pendant lights, white cabinetry, and an island countertop. There are plants on the island and a stone accent wall in the background.

If you’re looking to add some value and style to your home, as well as health benefits, skylights might be the ideal solution. It will take proper planning, but a well-designed skylight comes with many benefits that go beyond beauty, increased property values and extra space. You can enjoy natural light year-round but also save money on utility bills thanks to reduced heating costs during winter months and reduced cooling costs during summer. There are also health benefits that come from increased exposure to sunlight for at least two hours each day. Here is an in-depth look at all the benefits that installing or upgrading existing skylights could bring!

Lets Natural Daylight into Your Home

It can be difficult to fill your home with natural lighting without skylights. Some rooms have limited exterior walls that allow for the installation of extra windows. In rooms that have windows, you probably use curtains or blinds for privacy and blocks out unwanted light in warmer months when heat is an issue. Skylights are a great way to bathe your space with sunlight without giving neighbours a view inside your home. You can maintain privacy while still allowing nice breezes through open doors of adjacent spaces. Why leave a beautiful sunny day outside, and spend the day in your dark or dull home. Take that beautiful daylight into every corner of your home and let the benefits of natural lighting improve you and your family’s health and wellbeing. 

Modern open-concept living room and kitchen with white furniture, accent pillows, a unique wooden coffee table, large windows providing ample natural light, and a Solatube skylight enhancing the bright and airy atmosphere.

Saves you money on Utility Bills

A poorly planned skylight position can be detrimental to your energy bills. With help from the Skylight Shop, as to the positioning and design of your skylights, you are able to save money. South-facing skylights will increase the temperature in your home year-round because they pick up more sun’s rays than north-facing ones.

In wintertime, this is great – let that summer heat right into it to help cut back any heating costs you may have accrued during those cold months! But if there’s no cover over these uncovered south-facing windows, then rooms could become uncomfortably hot come summertime – not cool at all for anyone who doesn’t want things getting too humid or warm inside their homes, so be careful about what direction you position the skylight.

Adds A Unique and Interesting Feature to Your Homes Appearance

Skylights are wonderful because they provide the best of both worlds: making your home beautiful from the inside and out. To get this benefit, make sure to install them in a way that complements your architecture’s theme or style. For example, traditional homes will look better with skylights near their back end, while contemporary styles would be enhanced by installing one on an outside wall facing towards it for optimal natural light exposure.

A dining area with a wooden table and white chairs, illuminated by natural light from multiple Velux skylights. The space is surrounded by greenery visible through large windows and a partially open door.

Improves Your Mental Health

Seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) may cause depression, fatigue, irritability and other less-than-pleasant symptoms. For most people, these symptoms start in the autumn and extend throughout winter; however, there is a chance to suffer from S.A.D. during spring or summer, which would have different contributing factors. The problem with this type of seasonal affective disorder is that it causes a decline in serotonin levels as well as an imbalance in your natural circadian rhythm due to lack of sunlight exposure through increased sky lighting. Skylights are one recommended treatment option for those who wish to increase their serotonin level while also combating light deprivation.

Natural light has many benefits, and just one of these is the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D is one of the vitamins that your body regularly needs to produce because it is an essential ingredient for healthy bones, teeth, immunity to disease as well as preventing colon cancer or prostate cancer. It does so primarily by helping with bone strength and maintaining healthy levels for calcium absorption into our bodies.

As winter approaches, many people naturally prefer to stay indoors. They go out for very short periods due to the change in temperature during this season. Therefore they are not exposed to adequate levels of vitamin D. A solution is easily found with skylights that provide sufficient natural light throughout the day and year – whether it be a cold or warm one!

Let The Skylight Shop improve you and your families wellbeing by trusting us to install beautiful skylights throughout your home. Get in touch today to start your project!