An Important Part of Energy Efficiency: Roof Ventilation

Circular solar panel installed on a tiled roof, housed in a black casing with integrated ventilation for optimal performance.

Want to save money on your utility bills? One way you can do that is by installing roof ventilation. In order to maintain that fresh, cool feeling in your home year-round, as well as reduce your bills, a well-ventilated roof space is going to be your best friend.

What does this have to do with energy efficiency, though? A well-ventilated roof space will reduce the heat load on your home, making it more comfortable and saving you a lot of money in the long run. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why having a well-ventilated roof space is so important for energy efficiency, what other benefits there are and what options there are to choose from.

What are the benefits of the Solar Star Roof Ventilator?

It uses no electricity and literally pays for itself! Roof ventilation is the most natural and economical way to keep your home cool. It uses no electricity, so it’s a great option for those who are looking to save money and want an environmentally friendly solution! It reduces the heat load on your house and reduces heat build-up and moisture. In the cooler months, roof ventilation works to reduce moisture, eliminating mould and mildew problems. This protects your roof structure against damage to materials. By reducing moisture in the attic area, a ventilated roof provides protection against pests like termites that thrive in humid environments. It decreases cooling costs while fighting mould and fungal decay. It also reduces damaging condensation.

What are the features of the Solar Star Roof Ventilator?


  • 100% Solar Powered requiring NO electricity!​
  • 100% Free to operate!​
  • A Powerful, Brushless Motor which never needs to be cleaned.​
  • Choose from a 10 or 22 watt Solar Power Panel, depending on your needs.​
  • Sleek, slimline design with whisper-quiet operation.​​
  • Leak & rustproof for complete peace of mind.​
  • Thermostat option to stop the unit if your roof space gets too cold.

What options are available for roof ventilation?

Solar Star

Solar Star, the solar-powered roof space ventilation leader, brings you the most technologically advanced, environmentally friendly ventilation solution today. Best of all, Solar Star brings you solutions that cost nothing to operate. Imagine the savings you could get from never having to turn on your heating or air conditioning system again.


Statvent is an upgrade of the old traditional wind vent. The new design allows for cost-effective roof ventilation while maintaining a pleasant look on your roof. Whether you’re building or remodelling, choosing an appropriate ventilation solution will provide long term benefits for the comfort and safety of all family members inside.

Statvent is the perfect solution for any home looking to increase comfort levels while reducing maintenance and upkeep costs. Its easy installation, low profile design and no working parts make it an instant hit with homeowners who are installing roof ventilation for the first time. With Statvent you will enjoy a lifetime of worry-free operation at an affordable price.

Whole House Fan

Do you want your home to have fresh air recirculating around the whole house all year round? Look no further. A whole house fan is the perfect solution. The Whole House Fan operates by pulling air in from outside and pushing it through your home, creating a “wind tunnel effect” that will circulate fresh air throughout all rooms with just one outlet point. The best part about this device? You can turn on any room’s ceiling vent to help bring in more cool or warm air as needed!

We know that in today’s world, many homeowners are looking to save money while still being environmentally conscious – but this doesn’t mean they need to sacrifice safety or comfort! One way to do both is by using our range of quality products designed with these two factors in mind. Get in touch with us here at The Skylight Shop to get started on your project!